Scotland, where the Elephants Really are Pink

Deilephila elpenor

Full Screen Image – Elephant Hawk Moth, Glen Convinth, Highland Scotland ©Nick Sidle

The Elephant Hawk Moth is a very large moth but the name actually comes from the caterpillar which looks very like an elephant’s trunk. The adults are also very pink so this resident elephant named species here really is that colour. Enormous mammals with trunks have not been in Scotland since the Mammoths became extinct after the Ice Age, but visiting ones with a travelling circus are credited with one of the reports about the Loch Ness Monster, when they were allowed into the Loch to cool off and enjoy a bath after a long journey down the North side to near Fort Augustus.

National Geographic News – Loch Ness Monster Was an Elephant?

As to Nessie? I’ve never seen him/her/them so I’m keeping an open mind but if I ever do, I promise to post the news here.


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Glen Convinth

Elephant Hawk Moth – Deilephila elpenor