Do Scottish Bees have to work harder?


Full screen image  Honey Bee, Glen Convinth, Highland Scotland ©Nick Sidle

New research has shown that whilst in high concentrations caffeine is toxic to insects, smaller amounts in the nectar of certain plants keep bees more alert and likely to return to feed at the flowers which is of course good for the plant as well as the bee.

BBC News – Caffeinated plants give bees a buzz

So it’s not just people who wake up and get on with the job better after their morning caffeine boost. Unfortunately, leaving a double extra size latte from the coffee shop next to the flower bed isn’t going to help, it has to be in the nectar. I’m not an expert botanist and if anyone knows any better please add a comment, but from the lists of plants mentioned in the research, it does not look like any of them grow wild in Scotland. This means that apart from a few privileged bees with access to specialist collections in greenhouses, almost all Scottish bees just have to get on with it without the help of a caffeine lift.


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Honey Bee – Apis mellifera