Romance lives!


Full Screen Image – Great Tit, Glen Convinth, Highland Scotland ©Nick Sidle

Great Tits are birds that form strong pair bonds that may last for far more than just one breeding season. Starting from this, a team from Oxford University set out to look at competing priorities in the birds’ behaviour, specifically if a male has to choose between staying with his mate or getting to a food source, which comes first? Their results have been published in the journal Current Biology

Experimental Evidence that Social Relationships Determine Individual Foraging Behaviour

and show that it is the relationship that comes first or, as it is put more eloquently on the Oxford University web site, that “birds choose love over food”

Oxford University – Wild birds choose love over food

So the age of romance is not entirely gone and, however valid an explanation of which strategy offers the best survival and evolutionary advantages may be, ultimately all that is saying is that love is worth it.


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Glen Convinth

Great Tit – Parus major